Vitara AD Cream Plus is gentle skin care cream


2.000 .د.ب

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✔️Stimu-TEX tm AS
– spent Barely Grains 🌾
– Argan Oil 🌰
– Shea Butter 🌰
✔️Help reduce allergic reactions and skin inflammation.
✔️Saccharide Isomarate is a concentrated moisturizer that keeps the skin moisturized for a long time.
✔️Natural ProPhyderm® from Daffodils 🌼 and tomatoes 🍅 help reduce skin inflammation
✔️Can be used by both children and adults.

❌Alcohol free
❌Fragrance free
❌Non-artificial colors
❌Parabens free
❌Non-MIT preservatives

10g BD 2.00